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Polaris solar photovoltaic network news: abandoned wind, abandoned the phenomenon of serious constraints on the development of China's new energy industry. We must adjust and perfect all kinds of power supply and power grid electricity price subsidy mechanism, accelerate the inter provincial power grid project and the construction of pumped storage power station, and constantly improve the system of new energy technology and equipment to reduce operation cost, and "going out" the pace of international energy cooperation, in order to effectively break the
photovoltaic power generation in China's wind power, problem
8 9, CO sponsored by the Chinese Council and the Gansu provincial government of the seventh session of China (Gansu) International New Energy Expo opened in Gansu City, Jiuquan, from 25 countries, government officials, experts and scholars at home and abroad more than and 350 new energy enterprises, to jointly explore new development opportunities in the "source The Belt and Road in the construction, and for the healthy development of China's new energy industry solutions.
data show that as of the end of 2015, China's wind power installed capacity of 130 million 750 thousand kilowatts, "12th Five-Year" period the average annual growth of 34.6%, has 4 consecutive years ranked first in the world; the national grid solar power installed capacity of 42 million 180 thousand kilowatts, is 165 times in 2010, has surpassed Germany ranked first in the world. However, with the rapid development of new energy consumption, bottlenecks and other issues have become increasingly prominent. Chinese Power Enterprises Association Deputy Secretary General of Changan Hong believes that China's new energy resources still exist the problems of development and market demand, various types of power supply and power grid and coordinated development in the development and construction, hence the abandoned wind, abandoned light phenomenon is serious; the policy guarantee there is not reasonable in price subsidy mechanism, the new energy development layout, problems such as inadequate funds for subsidies.
innovation mechanism optimization configuration
"as the first half of this year, subsidies for renewable energy gap totaled 55 billion yuan, the subsidy model difficult to continue, this all reflected strongly." Li Yangzhe, deputy director of the national energy board, said the future plans for industrial development and policy choices encountered a real challenge. "We have made a lot of efforts to improve the system and improve the policy." Li Yangzhe said.
According to
, this year, the national development and Reform Commission and the national energy board has issued a number of new energy related documents. "Of course, the effectiveness of these measures also requires a process, however, the issue of abandoning the wind is still increasing the trend of light, the gap is still expanding subsidies." Li Yangzhe said that the development of new energy industry to a critical period, the need for government decision-making management, entrepreneurs, science and technology workers to join hands to cope with the development of the problems and growing pains.
Li Yangzhe believes that the innovation mechanism, strict market competition mechanism to optimize the allocation of resources. Not long ago, we launched a competitive allocation of photovoltaic resources through the market development, and now we must continue to improve the relevant policies, and broaden the application areas." Li Yangzhe said, in operation, guarantee the construction project of minimum generation hours, promote other electricity through market bidding to achieve full consumptive, and gradually adjust the current.
破解新能源消纳难题,最直接的手段是加快电网建设,保障新能源并网和输送。据了解,moncler chaussure,“十二五”期间,国家电网累计投入850亿元,新增新能源并网及送出线路3.7万公里,http://www.xxlnjy.org/guestbook.asp,支撑了年均2300万千瓦新能源接入,累计新增新能源并网项目4675个。
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