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canada goose montebello femme Recovery of a bottle earn only [复制链接]

live in Wuchang last week, Mr. Liu to the small grocery store to buy a box of beer, habitually asked: "the bottle deposit   how much money?" "Deposit does not receive, and do not have to retreat, your home to deal with their own." Yesterday, Mr. Liu has piled up 4 boxes full of empty beer bottles, lost unfortunately, but can not handle, because do not waste recycling. Old beer bottles why fade out of the recycling market?
supermarket has not recycled beer bottles
in Wuchang Xudong hundred in some large supermarkets, the shelves of beer cans and boxes of cartons of beer. The supermarket manager said, supermarkets are selling all kinds of cans and boxes of beer, the beer bottle supermarket recycling, never back bottles of business.
why not recycle beer bottles? Supermarket staff have said a common reason: the site is limited, specially arranged for staff to engage in beer bottle recycling, the workload is too large. In addition, beer bottles fragile, placed in the air scattered location is not safe.
and supermarkets, grocery store or individual carton packaging recycling beer bottles. Wuchang City Classic community grocery store owner told reporters that the paper box inconvenient transportation, plus large trucks do not come into the city, small trucks bottle worthwhile. Unless the amount is very large, people who refuse to waste paper boxes rather than beer bottles.
in some small non-staple food store, only a few stores recycle beer bottles, but this kind of beer is placed in a plastic case. Wuchang Yang Park, a grocery store owner Liu said, placed in plastic boxes, beer bottles can be recycled, . Customers need to pay 5 cents a deposit, after drinking, can return a deposit money. This kind of plastic box is generally cheaper than the price of beer, 2.5 yuan (not including deposit).
recycling bottle earn only 5 cents
waste collection station is not too willing to recycle beer bottles. Yesterday, Wuhan green civilization recycling operating company Hu Master said, recycling bottle "profit is too low." She gave reporters calculations: 1 bottles of 1 hair, sold is 20 Fen, a bottle of earned only $5. She dragged 30 box bottles with tricycle, nearly a ton, not money, only earn 30 yuan. But if it is waste paper,http://terredesjeunes.org/kreyol, 1 tons of cost of $700, you can earn $100, the profit is 3 times.
Wuhan, a well-known beer manufacturers market sources, purchasing a new bottle at a cost of about 7 hair, still recycling beer bottles, cost about 3 hair, recycling bottles mainly rely on dealers as channels, large quantities of recovery, but not for the public and small shops scattered by the user.
expert advice:
government should establish recycling system engineering
good beer bottles, with a throw into the trash, pollution of the environment does not say, but also bring security risks. A person engaged in the production of glass, said the industry, the recovery of a beer bottle, can save about 0.8 degrees of electricity consumption. Recovery of a glass bottle saves energy, can light up 10>
上周,家住武昌的刘先生到小区的副食店买了一箱啤酒,习惯性问了一句:“瓶子押金几多钱,http://choco.oops.jp/link/clever/clever.cgi?mode=res&no=22091?”“押金不收了,也不用退,您家自己处理。”到昨天,刘先生家已堆了满满4纸箱空啤酒瓶,丢之可惜,却又无法处理,因为回收废品的也不要。旧啤酒瓶何以淡出回收市场?超市早已不回收啤酒瓶在武昌徐东路的中百等一些大型超市,货架上摆放着罐装啤酒和成箱的纸箱装啤酒。超市店长说,超市卖的都是各种罐装和纸箱装啤酒,http://rush-group.com/information/apeboard_plus.cgi/,这些啤酒瓶超市不回收,也从来没有退瓶业务。为何不回收啤酒瓶?超市工作人员都说了一个共同原因:场地有限,专门安排人手从事啤酒瓶回收,工作量太大。此外,啤酒瓶易碎,放在空散的位置也不安全。和超市一样,个体副食店也不回收纸箱包装啤酒瓶。武昌都市经典小区副食店老板告诉记者,纸箱子不便运输,再加上大货车进不来市中心,小货车运瓶子不划算。除非量特别大,收废品的人宁愿要纸箱子,也不愿要啤酒瓶。在一些小副食店里,仅有少数店家回收啤酒瓶,但此类啤酒多是放在塑料格箱内。武昌杨园一家副食店老板刘女士说,放在塑料箱子里的啤酒,瓶子可以回收。顾客需支付5毛钱押金,喝完后,可以退押金钱。这种塑料箱装啤酒价格一般较便宜,2.5元左右(不含押金)。回收一个瓶子只赚5分钱废品收购站也不太愿回收啤酒瓶。昨天,武汉绿色文明回收经营公司胡师傅说,回收瓶子“利润太低。”她给记者算了一笔账:收1个瓶子1毛五,卖出是两毛,一个瓶子才赚5分钱。她用三轮车拖30箱瓶子,近一吨重,不算油钱,也才赚30块钱左右。但如果是收废纸板,收1吨成本700块钱,可以赚100块钱,利润是3倍。武汉市一知名啤酒厂商市场部人士透露,采购一个新瓶的成本在7毛左右,canada goose chateau parka,现在仍回收啤酒瓶,成本大约3毛,回收瓶主要依托经销商作为渠道,大批量回收,但不针对市民和小商店这种零散用户。专家建议:政府应建立回收系统工程好好的啤酒瓶,用了一次就丢进垃圾箱,污染了环境不说,还带来安全隐患。一位从事玻璃生产的业内人士说,每回收一只啤酒瓶,可节省约0.8度用电量。回收一只玻璃瓶节省的能源,可点亮100瓦的灯泡4小时。武汉市循环经济研究院专家、武汉科技大学化工学院教授王光辉说,对于啤酒瓶的回收利用,政府应该重视。在资源回收利用比较好的日本,从元月一日到最后一天,每周应丢何种垃圾都有规定。哪天丢电视机,玻璃瓶什么时候可以丢,都规定的明明白白,做好了资源回收利用。目前,我国并没有强制规定啤酒瓶回收的法规。但王光辉认为,作为政府,未来应建立起资源回收利用的系统工程,包括政策法规,而且不能简单从亏本和盈利角度来看啤酒瓶的回收。就是亏本,企业和公民也应承担起各自的责任。记者龚平 实习生黄曼 张佳兴(武汉晚报)
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