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vetement canadien contre le froid Luo Yonghao This is my mob [复制链接]

Q & A:
how old is your job? What do you have in your work? What is the reason for your persistence,http://palevo.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=104604/index.php/index.php/index.php? Tell me about your experience.
Luo Yonghao:
frankly, this is the question of the students asked me to answer the question, perhaps in the headlines of the students, the entrepreneurial mobile phone this thing is one of the most pit father work.
I think about it, it makes sense.
mobile phone industry is not easy, especially typical hardware manufacturing industry, the industry chain length, involving many links, capital chain, and I really cross the cross a bit too far,canada goose doudoune femme, due to lack of experience, made a lot of mistakes, such as in the design to do some more radical choice. Lead production there are a lot of problems, including the details because of the excessive pursuit of perfection, leading to product launch delays, nuts, T2 than expected time to market almost half a year late, missed the best period of sales. So before M1, although we did three mobile phone , made more than 30 industrial design awards worldwide, but hammer technology has not been commercially successful.
can be said that over the past four years we have been making up.
In addition, a lot of people think I'm doing
mobile phone , slowly become low-key, not as offensive as before, so I feel Luo Yonghao because of doing
mobile phone was a great grievance.
In fact,
can not talk about injustice. It depends on whether you're a critic or a person. You define yourself as a critic, critic, and critic. I do not do business in the past, only one reviewer, if another commenter provoke me, I'll call him. But now I define myself as a person who does things, and people who do things with people who work. When criticizing people to comment, if you fight him, there may be a little problem.
is like if you are an ordinary person, the other side is also an ordinary person, he challenges you, you hit him, this is no problem. But you suddenly become a martial arts people, ordinary people to provoke you, you do not have the desire to clean up his. Even if I saw him very excited, twitch, my idea may be "this gentleman, you should calm down a little, don't hurt yourself". So you want to fight with each other, to a large extent with your own positioning has a great relationship.
of course, you have to say that the process of entrepreneurship is not a snack plug. But as Ma Ma Ma said: the entrepreneur's mind, are being wronged big". I used to quarrel on the Internet is never lost, but after doing business the four and a half years of bloody, my heart has been to me the history of all the enemies to my heart, I will.

做实业不容易,手机是特别典型的硬件制造行业,这个行业涉及的链条长、环节多、资金链重,而我这次跨界确实跨得有点远,由于经验不足,犯了很多错误,比如在设计上做了一些比较激进的选择,导致量产出现了很多问题,包括因为在细节上过分追求完美,导致产品发布频频延迟,坚果、T2 都比预计上市的时间差不多晚了半年,错过了最佳的销售期。所以在M1 之前,尽管我们做了三款手机,在全球范围内取得了30 多项工业设计奖,但锤子科技并未取得商业上的成功。
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