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jogging canada goose Cosmetics consumption tax is zero, the [复制链接]

September 30, 2016, the Ministry of Finance issued an important notice to cancel the current cosmetics consumption tax !
specifically, cosmetics (mainly domestic products) for up to 30% of the consumption tax abolished, some upgrade to high-end cosmetics cosmetics "(mainly imported products), the tax rate is 15%.
in fact, as early as 2015, April, clothing, cosmetics tax, has entered the official agenda. For example, in April 29, 2015, the Beijing Daily reported that: China's foreign trade situation is an indisputable fact. In this regard, the State Council put forward a new consumer goods import and export policy in the executive meeting held yesterday, including the reduction of import tariffs, adjust the scope of Taxation, added mass consumer goods and recovery port duty-free shops etc........ Is still in order to stimulate domestic demand, promote consumption growth, in order to stabilize the development of the national economy." Now after more than a year of discussion, cosmetics excise tax has been canceled or significantly reduced.
of course, another reason for the country to reduce the consumption tax, cross-border electricity supplier fiery. Now the country has significantly reduced cosmetics consumption tax on cross-border shopping on Taobao, it should bring some impact. For example, the Chinese people travel to Japan and South Korea, a large number of packages to buy back is cosmetics , is to save the tariff. Tax reduction before a South Korean makeup to enter the China market, the need to increase the 10% customs tax, 30% of the consumption tax and value-added tax, nominally 17%, general skin care products also need to pay a few points of customs duties and VAT 17%. Now the consumption tax rate reduced from 30% to 15%, to a certain extent, reduce prices. But taking into account the domestic product consumption tax rate of 0, and there is no customs clearance tax, and therefore more conducive to domestic brands.
how big is the market? 2014, China's total retail sales of cosmetics reached 182 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 10%, and the local cosmetics brand growth is faster, generally in the range of about 10% to about 15%, so the total market for the first time more than foreign brands. This is because in the past 10 years or so, the local cosmetics industry has experienced two changes from the "golden period of development of the retail store 1 times, to 2 times small chain cosmetics shop separatist era in the industry gradually revealing the competitiveness. In the era of electricity providers, most of the local brands have taken the lead in the layout of the electricity supplier, but also according to the characteristics of the times, focusing on emerging consumers. For example,http://csandover.com/node, ACT teamed up with South Korea Kema. The raw material suppliers, to create a leading brand Han Ya, introduced the star product into a snail cream, cushion BB close to the Korean wave, occupy the market share.
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