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canada goose chateau homme One hundred keyboard control hund [复制链接]

???? 7 in the morning to Suzhou Park, the Traffic Police Brigade squadron deputy commander Lin Yufeng order has been sitting in the command center before the big screen, staring at the picture system to be absorbed in the range of 278 square kilometers area by hundreds of intersection traffic signal lamp. A few days ago, he just in the province's fourth Jiangsu most beautiful police award was awarded the most beautiful police in Jiangsu, the honorary title. Lin Yufeng said: "ordinary police, my job is not in the street but The stream never stops flowing., with" big data "instead of a" whistle ", rely on a keyboard control 100 foot traffic, make the city traffic" blood stasis "."
???? Lin Yufeng is not a computer professional graduates, because of IT technology,http://hotelbuffet.svjr.com/memo, the development of love,canada goose femme occasion, written dozens of sets of police information system at work. He will be the "cloud computing" into the framework to build intelligent transportation system; put forward the "optimal saturation" algorithm, the accurate rate increased from 79% to 98%, traffic model, traffic flow detection accuracy increased to 92%; he created the "dynamic zone" algorithm, so the park for three consecutive years in the annual car surged 57% under the condition of signal light vehicle waiting time does not increase...... Lin Yufeng one of the ideas, so that intelligent traffic more in line with the actual needs. In a centralized inspection last year, the park traffic police brigade seized an illegal handling of up to 129 overdue inspection van. The van original registration information is invalid, found from video surveillance, car use more time focused on the night and early morning, the driving section is remote, the road to check and control brought no small difficulty.
???? Lin Yufeng through the understanding of the situation, he is responsible for research and development of "Park intelligent transportation system analysis, a series of data quickly appeared on the computer screen, then judged the results released, a complete set of control scheme is also generated immediately. Subsequently, the police found the car in a parking lot illegal Wang Tong an easy job to do ".
With the continuous development of Suzhou's economy and society, the urban traffic pattern has undergone tremendous changes.
?. The latest statistics show that the traffic control department, as of the end of 2016, Suzhou city car ownership more than 3 million 133 thousand, an increase of 16.6% in 2015, the average daily amount on the card more than 1600 copies. At the same time, traffic management with the times into the cloud era, along with video surveillance, microwave detection, the use of technology, such as the perception of things widely used, Suzhou traffic management efficiency greatly improved. 2016, the pilot area throughout the year the road network speed increased by 16.7%, the intersection delay reduced by 22.4%, the average number of parking decreased by 19.2%, traffic accidents fell by 5%. (laughs)
????林玉峰不是计算机专业科班毕业,因为喜爱研究IT技术,在工作之余编写、开发了数十套警务信息化系统。他将“云计算”融入架构搭建智能交通系统;提出“最优化饱和度”算法,使交通模型准确率从79%提升至98%,交通流检测精确度提升至92%;他独创的“动态子区”算法,让园区在连续三年车流年激增57%的情况下,车辆的信号灯等候时间并没有增加……林玉峰的一个个创意,让智能交通更加符合实际需要。  在去年的一次集中检查中,园区交警大队查获一辆违法未处理达129次的逾期未年检面包车。这辆面包车原先的登记信息已经作废,从视频监控中发现,车子的使用时间多集中在半夜和凌晨,行驶路段也较为偏僻,这给路面查控带来了不小的难度。
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