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in the domestic mobile phone brand, a lot of people know that HUAWEI has a foothold in the European market, millet and Lenovo will rise in the India market, which should be better is the performance of the domestic manufacturers in overseas, but there is a little-known brand in the domestic, but shine in the African market, and become the number of overseas export of mobile phone the first domestic brands, it is TECNO.
   mobile phone industry based on the rising of the data, the first half of 2016 TECNO export volume of 32 million 860 thousand, for the first half of the domestic mobile phone export list; HUAWEI + export volume ranked second glory 25 million 370 thousand, Lenovo +MOTO; export volume of 16 million 30 thousand, ranking third.
and back to last year's foreign media statistics of the six countries in Africa mobile phone brand distribution, TECNO in all countries, without exception, into the top three. In total, more than 25% of the share of TECNO to become the first, followed by NOKIA, Samsung, this little-known brand China indeed has been deeply rooted in the African market.
According to the
era of financial technology channel reporter asked in Africa tour friends, the statistical data are broadly in line with the and observation in the local area, but in Egypt this economic area is still good, Samsung and HUAWEI and other manufacturers in the world,doudoune de luxe homme, TECNO also failed to reach this market.
blue and white TECNO advertising and its mobile phone in the West African country everywhere, from the Garner Kumasi West African market stalls, to Kenya Nairobi Luthuli mobile phone wholesale center, can be seen in the sale of TECNO products. In addition, in addition to conventional forms of posters and other forms, TECNO also has a unique marketing in Africa, it is painted wall.
as long as there is a wall, there is no TECNO wall advertising. This unique form of publicity in other countries may not work, but Africa seems to be quite popular, blue painted the wall white also seems to be very popular with locals, so that the original mottled walls take on an altogether new aspect.
has a lot of media reports, business behind TECNO is Shenzhen sound technology company, founded in Shenzhen in 2007. Through its mobile phone brand in addition to TECNO, itel, and Infinix. According to the official data, through established five production bases in Shenzhen and Addis Ababa and Ethiopia, the business is mostly distributed in Africa, India, Southeast Asia and other regions.
In the first two years after the founding of the
TECNO, they mainly developed the South Asian market. After extensive investigation of the markets in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America, it was found that Africa is the most promising market. Currently TECNO, Ite>

















  尽管TECNO说过只在非洲市场做生意,不过近两年的一些举动似乎表明了这家公司不满足于在非洲做低端机,还想参与到全球智能手机的竞争,与三星、苹果、华为等企业硬碰。此前TECNO就在迪拜哈利法塔发布了Phantom 6/6 Plus,其配置约为国内同类手机2000千元档的产品。目前尚不知道这款手机会在什么市场发售,但可以想象的是,在竞争白热化的国内市场,这两款手机应该很难有什么胜算。




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