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Nike Company which is considered as a famous one has won the greatest reputation in the world of sports shoes. As one of the top producers of excellent sports sneakers, it is widely known. Nike Air Max shoes are different from shoes of other famous brands because they adopt the high technology and innovations in their making. Owing to the innovations,http://www.mutuallyassuredsurvival.com/wiki/tiki-view_blog_post.php?find=&blogId=1&offset=40&sort_mode=created_desc&postId=340&show_comments=1/, Nike Air Max designer shoes look rather stylish, and in this way, people are deeply attracted. Besides,http://www.lbeyzy.com/guestbook.asp, by the use of high technology in these shoes, these shoes can meet the requirements of the wearers in any sport,http://gdcacc.com/BBS/showtopic-1499146.aspx, i.e., extreme support, flexibility and cushion. Among all Nike Air Max designer shoes, you can find different kinds of styles, designs as well as colors, and you are free to choose your favorite ones. People are expected to get the most appropriate ones for themselves.
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How is it that symbol is vital to company culture?. It is the reason that it has close relation to American wisdom "just do it". The key to Nike success is not because it sells shoes, it offers people a way of life. Whether you are a sportsman or not, this symbol's encouragement and the philosophy of enthusiasm and determination are all relative to everyone. Consumers are stimulated by a motivation language of Nike. Nike make everything is possible despite the color of your skin and hair or the difficulties your meet. It tells people we should exert ourselves, clarify our direction and take actions. On the back of the "just do it" existing an American ideology. As time going on, this ideology turns to an aspiration, which can provide people a fair area to contend for a good life. We can date back to the spirit of American pioneers and their eagerness to succeed. There is no doubt that Nike made the American's dream come true. From Nike, our consumers know that if we want to beyond others, we should make a decision and always persevere with it. Nike has created its own character and approach by the people's eagerness to success. By means of using a very simple advertising punch line, it succeeds in putting a life attitude in the goods.
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Author: Li Yu
as a mature cosmetic market, the development of Australia has many ways to learn from experience. Today, the reporter will take you feel.
talk about Australian cosmetics, you first think of which brand? Julie Kou? Or Aesop?
following Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea,doudoune de luxe, Chinese consumers are showing growing interest in Australian cosmetics brands. After Julie, Glenn Mar Fran, Kou Aesop, Mor, Natio, Napoleon and other more Australia cosmetics brand began to enter the field Chinese consumers. At the same time, the acquisition of Australia cosmetics brand is also become one of the main choice of international Chinese cosmetics companies, Mor, Glenn Mar Fran, Red Earth, Greenkosy and other brands have been China companies in the bag, it also confirms the relationship between the consumer and the Chinese Australia cosmetics brand is more and more close.
There is no doubt that
, as a leading cosmetic market is mature, the development way of Australia has a lot of experience can learn, at the same time, as the two population differences between the two countries and there are many different. "Cosmetics" (micro signal huazhuangpinbao) reporter personally visited the Australian cosmetics market, bringing the most real phenomenon and experience.
1 driven
Australian cosmetics market demand
Maturity is certainly in today's
Australia cosmetics market is highly competitive, well-known research firm Euromonitor defined in 2015 Australia cosmetics market with slow growth (moderate growth). According to "cosmetics newspaper", the Australia for the cosmetics "stock" basic needs have been fully developed, each year only depend on the constantly updated product line and new makeup products to attract consumers to consume more and more.
in Australia cosmetics market immersed for nearly ten years CMC Packaging PTY LTD Joe Zhou, director of international sales, the Australian population of nearly 24 million, and relatively concentrated in Sydney, Melbourne, the depth of mining subsidence can be extremely limited space. In this environment, a lot of Australian cosmetics companies will look to the outside market in Australia, the formation of the current external drive cosmetics market development situation.
currently hundreds of cosmetics companies in Australia, most of the sales are relying on Thailand, Malaysia, Europe, the United States, China, Hongkong, Chinese China Chinese Taiwan market, part of annual sales of small and medium-sized enterprises from hundreds of Australian dollars,http://www.pybz.cn/E_GuestBook.asp, Aesop Mor, Julie Kou is so.
is the most typical case is located in Sydney, Lanopearl, with Lanopearl, rebrith, including several brands, but Lan>
继欧美、日韩之后,中国消费者正展现出对澳大利亚化妆品品牌越来越大的兴趣。继茱莉蔻、Aesop之后,Mor、格兰玛弗兰、Natio、Napoleon等更多的澳洲化妆品品牌开始进入中国消费者视野。与此同时,收购澳洲化妆品品牌也正在成为中国化妆品企业国际化的主要选择之一,Mor、格兰玛弗兰、Red Earth、Greenkosy等品牌先后被中国企业收入囊中,这也印证着中国消费者与澳洲化妆品品牌之间的关系正越来越紧密。
如今的澳大利亚化妆品市场无疑处在高度竞争的成熟期,知名调研机构欧睿在定义2015年的澳大利亚化妆品市场时使用了缓慢增长(moderate growth)一词。而据《化妆品报》了解,目前澳大利亚内部对于化妆品的“存量”需求基本已被完全开发,每年仅仅依靠不断更新产品线以及新推的彩妆产品来吸引消费者更多消费。
在澳大利亚化妆品市场沉浸近十年的CMC Packaging PTY LTD 国际销售总监Joe Zhou看来,澳大利亚人口近2400万,且相对集中于悉尼、墨尔本,深度下沉可挖掘的空间极其有限。在这种环境之下,很多澳洲化妆品企业都将目光投向澳大利亚以外的市场,形成当下外部驱动化妆品市场发展的局面。
高端化妆品市场基本被欧莱雅、雅诗兰黛等国际集团旗下品牌所把持,兰蔻、雅诗兰黛、海蓝之谜、科颜氏、SK-II、Chanel、TOM FORD等跨国品牌是绝对的主宰者,其销售渠道主要为David Jones与Myer这两大澳大利亚高端百货系统、丝芙兰以及澳洲本土的高端化妆品零售连锁Mecca,澳洲本土化妆品企业很难在这一市场与之竞争。
在渠道划分上,除主要销售国际高端化妆品的Mecca以外,澳洲并没有中国大陆地区意义上的化妆品店(Cosmetics Store),取而代之的是在欧美流行的药房(Pharmacy)以及针对批量采购代购市场的折扣店(discount chemist),超市渠道(supermarket)也销售不少化妆品。
而最值得关注的则是澳洲的折扣药店(discount chemist),这一渠道以大力度的折扣成为代购最为理想的选择。因为来自中国市场庞大的代购需求,折扣药店Chemist Warehouse在短短几年间迅速崛起,在全澳洲开设了300余家连锁,并拯救了数十个在澳大利亚本已濒临倒闭的化妆品企业,成为澳洲化妆品市场的一个独特案例。
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