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His attorney,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, Harvey Steinberg, declined to comment. The plea came ahead of a jury trial that had been scheduled for Monday.
The sentence is a deferred judgment,Wholesale China Jerseys, which means the entire case will be dismissed if Elway completes the counseling and does not reoffend.
The Broncos have described the younger Elway's court case as a family matter and declined to comment.
Police say Elway then fled and was arrested at his father's home in suburban Denver.
John Albert Elway,cheap jerseys, 25,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, entered his plea Tuesday and was sentenced to one year of probation that includes domestic violence counseling. Prosecutors withdrew an assault charge.
DENVER (AP) — Jack Elway,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys China, the son of Denver Broncos general manager John Elway, has pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace after being accused of pulling his girlfriend from a car and shoving her to the ground.
Under the plea, Elway is forbidden from possessing firearms and from having contact with the woman in the case,jerseys nfl wholesale, court records show.
Elway was arrested in May after his girlfriend told Denver police that he pulled her from a car by her hair after an argument. She said he shoved her to the ground when she tried to get back inside, causing scrapes to her knees.
Jack Elway was a standout quarterback at Cherry Creek High School in Englewood before choosing to play at Arizona State. As a redshirt freshman quarterback in spring 2009, he elected to leave the Sun Devils football program.
His father led the Broncos to two Super Bowl titles in his Hall of Fame career.
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